Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Dinner ideas at Auckland NZ Orbit

Diabetic Medic and my EMS family isstill on the quest to find the best Buffet restaurant nearby. While visiting a friend in Auckland New Zealand we decided to give Orbit 360 restaurant a try. Who wouldn't be enticed by a 360 view of Auckland New Zealand at night right? Plus we were excited about the possibility of trying authentic Maori food.

The view of Orbit 360 is nice. I would recommend visiting during the day to really enjoy the view. The setting at this restaurant is a mixture of causal elegance. It's casual enough to wear jeans but elegant enough to
have table cloths and cloth napkins on the 

How is the food at this Auckland New Zealand restaurant? The buffet food is decent. There is a wide selection of meats, seafood, cold vegetables, and steamed vegetables. I was really happy that there was a wide selection of sushi and fish. Though I am not surprise since New Zealand is surrounded by ocean water. The only disappointment is the fact that there were no native Maori inspired foods. 

Would I take friends and family members to this Buffet Restaurant if I returned to Auckland New Zealand? If we needed a casual meal then I would. If I wanted to take friends and family somewhere special? I would pick another location on the island.

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