Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Eating at Griffith Park Golf House Restaurant

Are you asking yourself where are all the good American Restaurants near me? Are you looking for a banquet hall for your next wedding or large party? Nestled in The Griffith Park is The Griffith Park Golf Course Club House. 

The atmosphere at the club house restaurant is casual. The only attire that the club house will not allow are cut off jeans and flip flop sandals. The main dining area consist of a large area of tables, chairs, and a few televisions. It has a full stocked bar.

How is the food at the club house restaurant? If I could sum it up in one word..Simple. There is no particular item that I would suggest to my family and friends. The restaurant is a great place to have a casual meal, drink a cold beer, and watch a game. 

Would the club house restaurant be a good place for a banquet or large party? Unfortunately the hall is outdated. Or it was outdated the last time I had visited The Griffith Park Club House. A lot of decorations would be need to be brought in to hide the old paneled walls and to brighten the place.

All in all the club house restaurant is a good place for friends and family who enjoy dining in a casual atmosphere and don't mind sport teams playing overhead.

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