Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Why get into the Emergency Medical System?

If you ask 300 people why they went into Public Service, you will end up with 300 different answers. We all choose this career for different reasons. These are the things that lead up to my choice. Be advise some of the events are not pretty but they need to be said.

I was born in Inglewood, California. If you know anything about Compton and Watts, then you know what kind of neighborhood it is. One day I remember waking up to men and women calling my name. That's all that I remember because I was two or three years old. It seems that my grandmother and I were mugged in front of a grocery store. 

I finally met my Uncle Mike. Tall, red hair, mustache, and in uniform. The story goes that I didn't trust him the first time I met him. I think at that age, I thought I was in trouble with the law. He's retired from the Los Angeles Police Department. Uncle Mike, than you for all of your years of service. I guess you could say that I had a Police Officer as a Dad. Since my biological father never showed up in my life.

Till High School, I lived in a neighborhood that was a block away from two major Hispanic gangs. When Police Officers and the local Fire Department watch over you. It resonates that this is what people should be doing. People should be watching out for each other. I remember many nights being woken up by squad car speakers and flight crew searching the area. Then someone gave me a radio scanner for my birthday. I was hooked and loved listening to codes as I fell asleep at night.

I grew up surrounded by Police officers and Medics. My mom worked at a local diner that was a favorite hang out for local first response. Actually this is where my Aunt Patty met my Uncle Mike.

At 16, my mom tried to commit suicide and was diagnosed with mental illness. I will always be thankful for my first aid and CPR instructor for keeping an eye on me. Those were some rough couple of years.

At 19, I was raped by someone that I knew. It wasn't my friend that made me most comfortable. It was the female Police Officer and female Medic that kept me sane until I reached the hospital.

Ultimately my reasons are that I want to be there for people. I want to give back to my community. I believe that we need to do what we can to make our world a better place. I want to do that on scene and during my off time.

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