Monday, December 2, 2013

Diabetic Medic heads to Hana Sushi

Are you looking for a Sushi Restaurant nearby? Are you looking for a Japanese Restaurant nearby? Tucked in a shopping mall in Santa Clara California is the Hana Sushi Restaurant. 

Hana Sushi is a small Japanese restaurant that caters to lunch and take out customers. The decor consist of bare walls, scattered wooden tables, and scattered chairs. If I had to describe this place in four words it would be "Hole in the wall". Some time people find treasure hidden in the hole in the wall. Yes, 
even culinary treasures can be found there.

What makes up for the decor is the customer service and fresh food. Most of the time our family favors this place for it's sushi selection. The rice that wraps the outside of the California rolls and Spicy Tuna seem like it was made fresh that hour. Of course that could be the magic of a rice cooker.

Our ultimate comment about Hana Sushi Restaurant? It's way to hot to stay there to eat. It's a great place for take out Sushi and Japanese food. The Lunch and Dinner Specials are the bomb.

Decide about this restaurant for yourself!

Hana Sushi Restaurant
2527 El Camino Real, Santa Clara California
(408) 554- 0852