Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Paramedics loving Original Tommy's

Are you looking for a Burger Restaurant nearby? Located on the Hollywood strip is The Original Tommy's World Famous Burger Restaurant. The original recipe use to be just burgers and fries. The franchise has ranched out to offer a breakfast menu that includes that world famous chili.

Can I recommend this place as a good burger restaurant? The food is good. It's your typical breakfast, burger, and hot dog menu. The flavors seem to be the same at this franchise restaurant. If you don't have a strong stomach, I would suggest not to eat the chili and cheese. It's not that Original Tommy's World Famous Burgers do not have world famous chili. It tends to go straight through.

The problem with this restaurant is the location and the customers. Most of the
customers seem to be people who are high, coming down from a high, intoxicated or there
to just hang out. The owners and staff don't seem  to want to do anything about the issue.

To wrap up this restaurant review, if you looking for an inexpensive meal in Hollywood California, then this is the place. Just remember "Take Out Only"

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