Monday, November 23, 2015

Inspiration at 0200 hours

I have a confession to make Fort Worth, Texas. I almost gave up on becoming an EMT B. How did this happen? Why did the thoughts come into my head? The devil is playing tricks on me. See what Satan likes to do is remind you of all the mistakes that you have made in the past. Satan likes to remind you of all of your faults and imperfections. Satan likes to make sure that you are comparing yourself to others in the world.

What is God about? God is about love. God is about accepting yourself. God is about inspiration and motivation. So what message did I get this morning?

Be strong in your convictions and don't be distracted from doing your best.Your spirit of dedication will improve your chances at accomplishing whatever else you're pursuing. Feel virtuous and humble, and successful, too!

I'm really not the type of person that likes to pat myself on the back. I really am hard on myself. I don't give myself many breaks. That's what happens when you spend a lifetime trying to please people. Or you spend your teens walking on eggshells.

I really do have the dedication to achieve the things that I'm praying for. God knows what is on my mind and my heart. Just to prove that I'm exactly where I should be, God gets me involved with a Medstar call at work. I was amazed on how smoothly everything went. I was amazed on how calm I was with the possibility that I might have to perform CPR on the client.

I think my frustration stems from the fact that I'm always comparing myself to others. It's not wrong to want to live in a nicer neighborhood. It's not wrong to want to live in a bigger place. It's not wrong to want a vehicle. This would really help with getting me to church on Sunday morning. 

I look at the fact that I'm divorced. I feel that I have failed God. I look at the fact that I live in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas. I look at the fact that I'm renting a hotel room because of many things.

I have to remember that I'm really connected to the community. There's not a day that goes by where I'm not saying hello or shaking hands with people in the community. A day doesn't go by where I'm keeping an eye out for my community. 

It's funny that I'm from Los Angeles, California but Fort Worth, Texas is now My Community.

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