Sunday, November 1, 2015

Retired Fort Worth K9 need love too!

Who's the top dog in the Fort Worth Police Department? Well it's the K9 units of course. You know the guys and gals right. The ones that work day in and day out just for the joy of doing a good job. I know it sounds like I'm talking about the men and women of the Fort Worth Police Department. I'm really talking about our four legged officers that need your help too.

Have you ever wondered what happens to canine Officers after they retire? Do they obtain city benefits just like human Police Officer do? Do they have a retirement set aside for them? Or are all the expenses laid into the lap of the canine's partner? It seems that health insurance is not available for our four legged Police Officers after they retire from the force.

Thankfully, there are many Fort Worth citizens who believe that is unjust.Winslow's Wine CafĂ© is holding an event to support K9 Support. This is an organization that helps Fire and Police with veterinarian bills their retired canine officers might be stacking up. 

I wish I could go because I love our two and four legged officers but I have the duty of making sure that 800 citizens are safe on Sunday night. So if you can't go, there is a paypal donation account that those with a good heart can sign up in honor of Winslow.

If you do go to the Fort Worth event and come across my blog, I hope that you'll comment and let me know if there were any pictures taken of the event. Much love to our Fort Worth Police Officers and four legged retired officers!

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