Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Old fashion chocolate eclair pie

It's another day for a food review! Time to give our honest opinion about new products that are out on the market. We are slowly creating our food company database so that this Diabetic Medic can give our fellow foodies the culinary facts the minute the product goes on the market.

What are we reviewing today? We were blessed to try a free Old Fashioned Chocolate Eclair Pie from Walmart stores. I really like the packaging. It's a brown paper box with an 1800's city scene on the front. The packaging almost creates excitement that the Walmart product recipe has been around since the 1800's and has been perfected.

Unfortunately, the packaging is there to fool you. This is not an Old Fashioned Chocolate Eclair Pie at all. This dessert is a vanilla pudding pie drizzled with chocolate. I do have to say that the crust of the pie is great. It's flaky as pie crust should be. The only problem is that Eclairs have more of a philo dough flakiness. This pie crust was your classic butter and flour pie crust.

Walmart! Eclair custards are lighter then what you are serving to your clients. The Old Fashioned Chocolate Eclair Pie tasted like vanilla pudding instead of Eclair cream. The filling was also very heavy tasting with almost a rubbery texture. I have a feeling that our free sample was perhaps something that Walmart couldn't sell anymore.

Would I purchase the Old Fashioned Chocolate Eclair Pie to give it a new review. Absolutely not!

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