Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fort Worth Dixie House drives customer crazy

The recipe for a good restaurant near me has to have balance. When the recipe has too much of one ingredient, then things can go bad really fast. This is the case for one of our southern restaurants near me. The customer service was a little off this day.

Our family at Full Happy Tummy likes to try out local family owned restaurants that are new to us. We have a friend that works at the Dixie House Cafe in Fort Worth, Texas. We had been hearing rave reviews from different people about the food. So we wanted to try this southern restaurant near me. 

Dixie House Cafe looks like an easy going family restaurant located at the end of Lancaster in Fort Worth, Texas. The decor is nothing to write home about but comfortable. They even made sure that large size women like myself have a place to sit without having to do the squeeze dance. We were seated at the cafe with a friendly smile. Then the constant questions started.

We were asked if we knew what we wanted before drinks were even ordered.
We were asked if we knew what we wanted before we could take the first sip of our coffee
We were asked if we knew what we wanted before we had two minutes to look at the menu
To make a long story short. I think we were asked what we wanted seven times in a ten minute time period.

This goes to show that sometimes too much customer service at a restaurant can be a bad thing. We ended up getting up and leaving without paying for the coffee. Which is a shame because we were looking forward to a good southern breakfast and lunch.

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