Monday, January 4, 2016

Other ways an Emergency Medical Technician can keep their legal obligations

Yesterday the topic of discussion was about gross negligence, Good Samaritan Law, and legal protection of Emergency Medical Technicians. What happens when every ounce of training is not enough. So how does an EMT and Paramedic keep their legal obligations to the public along with what they are already doing? 

Just like any other career the EMS industry has orders, protocols, morals and ethics. Ethics are a branch of philosophy directed to the study of morality. While morals are the scope of right and wrong.

EMS personnel have orders and protocols that they must follow. Thankfully, Medical direction is at hand. The doctors are there to work with every medic that is on duty. EMT's are to establish contact with a medical directive by cell phone, telephone, and/or radio communication. Personnel should communicate in a clearly and completely. If in question, consult a medical directive.

Why is this so important? Though some people think they know everything (rib rib hehe) Medics do not know everything. There is information that EMT and Paramedics may not have at that very moment. So they may receive an Advance directive in writing or by radio communication.

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