Saturday, January 9, 2016

Paramedics nibbling at Carniceria La Altena

Our family is still looking for the top Mexican Restaurant nearby. Today we stopped into a local eatery called Carniceria La Altena. This family owned store is a meat market on one side and a small restaurant on the other. It seems to be the place where we go to get a Full Happy Tummy on Mexican food.

How is the decor at this restaurant? It seems to be an office space that was turned into a restaurant. There is old equipment stuck in the corner. There are inexpensive wooden tables set out with fast food chairs. There is a television on in the corner of the store. It always seems to be broadcasting one of the local Latino channels. Basically, Carniceria La Altena is extremely casual.

The true question is how is the food at The Carniceria La Altena restaurant! The food is 
decent in taste and price. The Menudo is my favorite Sunday meal. I love the fact that you can ask for the Menudo without homeny or with extra meat. 

Is there anything negative about Carniceria La Altena restaurant? Don't order the quesodias. They always seem dry and rubbery. The cheese doesn't string out like most quesodias should. Don't purchase anything an hour before the restaurant closes. The rice is always dried out by this time of night.

Would I recommend this restaurant to family and friends? Its a nice little family owned restaurant. The meat market has great prices on chicken all the time. Just be careful when eating here. It's in a rough part of town. My advice would be to take the food to go. But it's just one of the restaurants around me.

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