Sunday, January 17, 2016

You've lost that loving feeling Medic

The life of an EMT B is sad today. Do you know that song in the movie 'Top Gun'? The one that the Aviator serenades the woman at the bar with. It's a great song by The Righteous Brothers. Sure the song is about losing the intense love that you once had for someone. For me it has another meaning though.

What about the love someone showed you? Have you ever felt a love that touched every part of you? An energy that you just couldn't get enough of. You sighed in sadness when you separated and surged with emotions when you were together? I think Eminem said it best "It's like a Tornado hitting a Volcano."

Have you ever been in a relationship when you were called and felt beautiful every day. When you failed, and failed miserably, you were still made to feel like you were a rock star. You waited with excitement and anticipation for a simple text. It was just a couple of words but it spoke volumes. 

Then you had to say "Goodbye" to all of it. It's as if part of you has been ripped away. That reflection in the mirror doesn't seem so bright. The star doesn't glow as strong. You stare blankly at your phone. It's face as empty as your heart?

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