Monday, February 8, 2016

EMT Refresher: That's just private

I'm actually glad this topic came up in the EMT Refresher notes. There are many times when someone sees an ambulance and ask what is wrong. I've seen my co-works tell the person who is inside the ambulance and why they are there. This result in a large cringe on my face. Personal information is just private.

The things that an EMT has to keep confidential is the emergency care the person is receiving, patient history, physical assessment of the patient and treatment of the patient.

So what happens when an EMT goes home and they just want to vent. Legally we are not to speak to the press, family members, friends, or other members of the public about details of the emergency care that we give a patient. Even though I have slipped too and talked about patients to my loved ones, I never use their name. Personally, that too feels like a breach of privacy.

Any information given out by an EMT requires a written release form signed by the patient or a legal guardian of the patient.

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