Friday, February 19, 2016

Fort Worth Kolache Shoppe on Hadley

Are you asking yourself "Where are the great family owned restaurants near me?" After a bad experience with one restaurant, our EMT family decided to walk up the street to have breakfast. We had no idea what we would find but we are glad that we took the little culinary adventure. The family owned restaurant that we found is called The Kolache Shoppe.

The Kolache Shoppe is an interesting mixture of antique store, bakery, and cafe. The business has been owned by the same family for nearly four generations in Fort Worth, Texas. Though the decor is a large screen television, several fast food tables, and a surrounding of antiques, the restaurant is a nice place to sit down to have breakfast or lunch.

It's located at:
The Kolache Shoppe
6724 Brentwood Stair Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76112
(817) 457-0071

What should you try at The Kolache Shoppe? The pastries and Kolache of course. Every pastry and Kolach is baked every morning. Your senses are hit with warmth, baked goods, and cinnamon scents when you walk into the cafe. If you don't know what a Kolache is, then check out the picture on this post. It's a pastry that has a sour dough taste that can be filled with pretty much anything. 

Don't forget to try the burgers and the soup of the day. Everything is made fresh daily. Even the hungriest burger lover will be happy with The Kolache Shoppe burgers. Add a side salad and you'll have a great lunch time meal. 

The best thing that I love about The Kolache Shoppe is the people. This is an area family, with an area business, who go to an area church, and are involved in their area. The cafe is really about community where your greeted sometimes by name when you walk through the door.

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