Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fort Worth Oliver's Fine Foods Guacamole Burger

Instead of doing a restaurant review as a whole, my husband and I thought that we would write about each meal that we had at a specific location. We had a few extra dollars to spend a couple of days ago. We both decided to stay out of the shelter a couple more hours and eat at Oliver's Fine Foods.

This Fort Worth, Texas location is located in the middle of the Sundance area of the city. The location looks like it could have once been a bank and recently was turned into the restaurant that it is today. The location is open and airy. I enjoy the fact that there is plenty of seating and they offer large comfortable bench seats for those of us that need a little more cushion for our tushie. You can see the layout for yourself at:

Oliver's Fine Foods
415 Throckmorton Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76012
So did we enjoy the Guacamole Burger? If your the type of person that would like to spend $8 for a quarter pound hamburger then I would say have at it. My husband and I both agreed that the meat was seasoned with way to much salt. When a person bites into a hamburger they should taste the richness and grill of the meat. What a person shouldn't be tasting is the aftertaste of saltiness in a hamburger.

Will we be going back to Oliver's Fine Foods? This location is a great place to pick up things for lunch if you are in the downtown area. I can see why they cater to the hotels and businesses. I'm looking forward to buying a few things from Oliver's deli. On the other hand, if my first experience there was a not a good one, then I'm a little skeptical about trying the other things on their menu.

Will Oliver's Fine Foods draw us back for their biscuits and gravy breakfast? Will we dare try this restaurants breakfast tacos? I guess you will just have to wait and see. I would love to hear your opinion of Oliver's though. Do you think we should spend any more time at the place?

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