Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fort Worth P.F. Chang Bistro review

Our EMS family is on a quest to find the best Asian restaurant near me. Why does it have to be near me? Well I'm the mom of the house. You know what they say "Happy Wife..Happy Life!" Since we were in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, we decided to stop into the P.F Chang's China Bistro on Throckmorton.

This local Asian restaurant offers a great atmosphere for people who like an open dinning experience. Though the decor is orient inspired, it offers a modern look to local clients and hungry business clients. I have to say that I almost felt under dressed at the establishment. It almost inspired a person to be wearing business casual or to dress up to have a night on the town.

Though our order was to go, we had a great friendly greeting from the hostess. She was quick to take our order and made sure we felt welcomed why we waited for it. She even checked the order before handing the times over to us. Which I thought was an improvement to most to go orders. Some restaurants just seem to hand you the bag and be off with you.

What do we like to eat?
Miso soup
Spicy Tuna Roll
California Roll

What are we looking forward to trying?
Pretty much everything on the menu. Of course well be heading back home to blog about each and every morsel. How can a person not want to try everything when the head development Chef thinks like this about food.

"Culinary creativity is really important to me. I like to see people have fun with a dish, and bring their own experiences and memories into the recipe."

P.F. Changs may not be a local family owned restaurant but they may become one of the top favorite Asian restaurants near me.

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