Thursday, March 3, 2016

Diabetic Medic drinking Crystal Light Liquid Peach Belini

To keep  drinkers interested Crystal Light Liquid has come out with Peach Bellini. What is a Peach Bellini? A Bellini is a cocktail that is a mixture of peach puree and sparkling wine. So to keep to taste and texture Crystal Light has tried to add a lingering flavor of sparkling wine.

The problem is that the lingering flavor of wine give this Crystal Light Liquid product a really sour aftertaste. That would be fine and well if there was carbonation added to the water. This product just does not work in plain cold water.

Would I recommend this product to family and friends? First I would recommend to buy some carbonated water. Our family mixed this product with ginger ale and it actually tasted a lot better. Club soda did not work well with Crystal Light Liquid because the saltiness of the club soda over 
powered the flavor.

Choose another flavor if you have to stick with plain cold water. The mixture of artificial sweetner, peach belini flavors, and other flavors will just leave a bad aftertaste. 

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