Saturday, March 5, 2016

Food Review: Jimmy Johns Big John sandwich

Jimmy Johns Big John sandwich is medium rare shaved roast beef on a roll with mayo, lettuce, and tomatos. My husband is a major carnivor, so he loves sandwiches that have a lot of meat. For those of us that are not major meat eaters, this might not be the Jimmy John sandwich to order.

Personally, this Jimmy John sandwich is not one of my favorites on the menu. The roat beef was too satly and really noticable in the sandwich. Pherhaps if the franchise had topped the roast beef with mustard, there would have been less of a salty taste.

I have a feeling that this is due to the fact that the Jimmy John Big John only comes with lettuce and tomatos. When someone orders a Jimmy John Billy Club, the sandwich tastes less salty. So if you really like roast beef then I would suggest spending the extra dollar and getting all the extra goodies

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