Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fort Worth King Wok San Sien Frangrance

As I'm getting my health together, I'm always looking for meals to benefit my weight loss. With over sixty menu items King Wok of Fort Worth Texas has a lot to offer the taste buds. My friends and I have tried several other Chinese menu items with much success. So we decided to try King Wok San Sien Fragrance.

So how was the ratio of meat to vegetables. How were the side items? Was the hot garlic sauce just too much for the taste buds? This was a major concern for all of us.

King Wok is never cheap on the portions. A person could make three meals out of one item from the menu. The problem with the menu items is the lack of meat and fish. There is never enough shrimp, chicken, and beef. This is a great menu item if a person loves pepper flakes, bell peppers, and onions. Ultimately we felt that we spent one dollar for meat and eight dollars on vegetables.

Was King Wok San Sien heat to much for us? The flavor started out sweet and ended with a high amount of heat. The garlic sauce was so hot that it caused one of my friends to choke on her food. The bland fried rice didn't offer enough comfort to calm the taste buds. I guess we shouldn't have dived in when we saw the red pepper flakes.

Ultimately, King Wok San Sien Fragrance was the wrong choice for our crew of healthy foodies. The sauce and vegetables were a poor cover up for bad portions, bad options, and no flavor.

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