Monday, March 14, 2016

Relationships: Don't feed the attention seekers

You end up not knowing how to deal with them or the relationship you have with them. Perhaps I should sell you a shirt that states "I don't feed the Attention Seekers!"
What is an Attention Seeker? They are the people that are always asking you to do something for them. They are the people that are always making a negative comment about the world around them or something about themselves. Ultimately, the are the people that you feel most drained around.
I believe that we are all put on this earth to help people grow spiritually but there are going to be times when a decision is going to have to be made. Is this relationship healthy for me? So how do you deal with this type of relationship?

  • Ignore them and they may get the drift for a moment
  • Talk to them about how you feel and end the relationship
  • Talk to them about how you feel and put some boundaries on the relationship
What kind of boundaries can be placed on the relationship? If you really value the friendship then make sure that they only come to you with serious issues. Make sure that they know when they are seeking attention and help them nip it in the bud. Help them grow as a person by being kind but being frank with them. 

It's healthier when a person learns that they can say "I feel emotionally like crap today. Do you have any suggestions." It's much better than constantly digging for compliments and draining other peoples energy.

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