Friday, March 4, 2016

Save a place for me in Heaven EMS Brother

Nothing hurts more than losing an Officer in your community. When they announced the death of Euless Texas Officer David Hofer, all I could think was "Is it one of our locals?" If you have ever watched the reality show "Nightwatch". Well my life is like that. I've come to know many Police Officers by name.

I dread the day when I recognize one of the names. I dread the nightmares when I have to transport one of our own to a local hospital.

Holly from Nightwatch once explained everyone that worked EMS as family. Though I have never met Officer Hofer, my heart goes to his family, as they are my family. I can imagine what his Wife must be experiencing right now. My heart aches that all I can do is pray for her and the family.

Well pray and donate money. Yet I don't think that wearing my blue thin line bracelet and donating to Guns and Hoses is enough. I know that I have dedicated my life to helping people but these men and women. The things that they have to go through to come home safe.

So rest in peace Officer Hofer. You've gone to our eternal home. Watch over us when we need it and kick us in the behind when we are being stupid.

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