Saturday, March 12, 2016

Should bilingual be mandatory?

Since we are on the topic of EMT salaries, I'm sure this question has come up a lot. Should EMT, Paramedics, and EMS be forced to know another language

How much of a salary increase should an employee receive for knowing another language. Or do you believe that knowing another language is just the way life should be.

I have been on several calls where the patient isn't very fluent in English. There have been times when the client doesn't speak a word of English. I have to say that it frustrates me to no end. I'm not frustrated because the other person has decided to not learn a major language. I'm frustrated because there is a road block. I'm unable to give a patient the help that they need in the time that they need it.

I've decided to learn Spanish and Chinese because they are the two largest languages spoken in the United States. Unfortunately, there are no pay bonuses for speaking other languages at work. In truth, I'm learning them so that I can do my job better. Perhaps I can offer tutoring classes in the future for extra money on the side.

After a little research, most companies like Fort Worth Fire Department and Fort Worth Police Department offer $1200 a year to it's bilingual EMS personnel. In truth, that's a nice chunk of change for being an Paramedic and knowing another language. As for being forced to know another language. I would hope that people in this field would want to take the steps to be the best they can be in their career as an EMT and Paramedic.

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