Thursday, March 17, 2016

Should EMS be allowed to say "No!"

Tonight a couple of my EMS family members and I were discussing patients that we had run into over the years that we have worked. Since I work at a stationary location, I can't even fathom what it would be like to rush to a scene and find out that the patient is intoxicated. I've had to call for assistance from fellow Police Officers and Paramedics for some really trivial things. So the question comes to mind. Should the Emergency Medical System be allowed to say "No" if a person is intoxicated and doesn't have a traumatic injury/medical illness.

I'm not saying that an Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic arrives on the scene, claims the patient is intoxicated, and leaves. I believe that we should take the time to at least check the persons vitals and medical history. If the person is found simply intoxicated or under the weather than they would be diverted to another option other than the local Emergency Room.

There have been times when I have seen fellow medical responders ask the patient if he/she could possibly wait to go to a medical clinic in the morning. It's not that we as a group do not want to help people. As EMT and Paramedics we see how busy emergency rooms can get. We just want to stop people from using us as a transportation service.


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