Saturday, March 19, 2016

So you called Fort Worth Police Department

Don't get me wrong when I make this next statement. I love our Veterans but the only thing that I owe you as an EMT and human being is respect. Now I do a lot to help Veterans in the United States. I watch over nearly fifty of them each night that I am at work. Sometimes life is frustration when a man/woman believes that the rules do not apply to them because they are a Veteran.

Tonight I had to deal with two brothers in blue. Thank you for the yummy eye candy but I do not like being made to look like a mean person. I am the type of person that would make sure that you ate before I did. I might not eat anything at all so that you could have some thing to eat. Can you tell why I want to be a Paramedic. I get joy out of helping people.

So the client comes to the front door wanting to come in. The client does not have a late pass. The client demands to be let in because he's a Veteran and that it's cool outside. I inform him of the rules and get him a jacket so that he will be warm outside. The next thing I know, he's talking to two Police Officers. We rarely see a patrol car drive down our street, so I know that the man called them.

One of the Officers comes up to speak with me. I explain to him what the rules are and that everyone has to abide by them. That I'm not going to lose my job because a man did not check the time and decided to leave twelve hours before he wanted to leave. If I didn't have these policies, I would let him in the building but I too have rules that I have to follow.

He nodded and said "I understand."

Just another day working on the job and I thought you would like read about my story in uniform. By the way Officer Afer and partner, thanks for helping out in this situation and I hope that your night was quiet.

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