Sunday, March 20, 2016

VA Police Officers and their kindness

Time magazine spoke with Police Officers around the country about why the became Police Officers. Today's first person account comes from Senior Patrol Officer Angelo Harris. Hey Officer Harris if your reading this! Keep up the great work.

"On Christmas Day 2001, I got shot in my grandma's front yard. An individual approached me asking if I knew how to get drugs, then a second person came up behind me and tried to reach into my pocket. When the first guy took out a handgun. I turned to run, and that's when I felt the impact near my left knee. My grandparents called the police. The officers were so reassuring. It was remarkable how fast they came up with suspects. It touched me to the point where I wanted to do the same."

Don't you think that Officer Harris has an interesting start. We often want to become or do the thing that affects us the most. This was a life changing event. I'm sure there are hundreds of men and women out there that could share the most amazing stories of why they became a Police Officer or decided to work for Emergency Services.


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