Monday, April 18, 2016

Maybe I should wait to find love....

I thought a year and a half was long enough to wait. I've been divorced since 2014. Nothing horrible, no fighting, no domestic abuse. After 14 years, we just discovered that we were two different people. We didn't have the same ambitions in life. He didn't want to be part of the community as much as I did.

Don't get me wrong. My exhusband did have ambition but he didn't have follow through. He would come up with some great ideas but then the fire would fizzle out. He tended to get distracted a lot. In truth, after 14 years, I realized that I needed more in my life. I wasn't getting the support that I needed.

I'm finding the dating scene frustrating. It's not easy finding time to go on dates either. I work a fifty hour week. I go to school 25 hours a week. I maybe have twenty hours to get dressed up and go out with someone. I wish I could find someone that worked the night shift like I did. In truth, there are a couple guys that I have met that do work nights but sadly they are not interested. 

Perhaps I should focus on:

  • My health
  • My fitness
  • My job
  • My career
  • My savings
  • My new apartment
  • My education

Perhaps I should put the energy out there that I would love a friend to go out with. Someone to share life with. It doesn't have to be a romantic involvement unless it happens that way naturally. Let the universe put to people together. If it works then it works.

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