Sunday, January 29, 2017

What does an A1C of 9 mean?

Recently I went into John Peter Smith of Fort Worth for leg pain. It had gotten so bad that I had all the signs of Diabetic Neuropathy and the news from the doctor was kinda meh. I was told that if I don't get my behind in gear then I'll probably be in a wheelchair in two years. "Oh hell no" is what I say to that. I am not going to let this blood glucose level ruin my life and career. Though I doubt being in a wheelchair would ruin my life because I would purchase one of those sport wheelchairs and run races.

To get back on topic, my A1C has gone from 12 to 9. The goal is to get it around 5. I'll see how that goes in the next three months when it's time to take another A1C blood test. Right now my blood glucose is running around 210 or higher depending on what I eat. Of course my ultimate goal with Diabetes is to get my A1C around 5 so that my BGL is running around 120. Most doctors believe 120 to be prediabtic. Most of the time insulin shots are not needed.

Basicly, partly good news from the Doctor. Still a struggle on this weight loss journey but a well worthy battle of weight loss. What happens from here? I stick to whole grain breads, vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. I have a feeling that I am going to struggle with this on my weight loss journey toward better health. I tend to get bored with cooking and want to order out. 

Let's check back in 3 months on a new A1C report.

Back from hiding!

Life has not been going well. I'm the type of person that hides and licks her wounds before coming out into the world again. I promise to share more information over the coming days, weeks, and years. This will be a mixture of weight loss for this future medic and lifes little journeys.

I hope that you will gain insight about fighting Diabetes as I spend my life fighting it. I hope that you will end up celebrating with me. I hope that you will cry with me during the sad times. 

Ultimately, I hope that you live your life to the fullest!